Pandya Store 5 May 2022 Written Update: Shiva finally wins competition

Pandya Store 5 May 2022 Written Update is dhara informed to the her husband is shiva will going to win the competition and asking him let’s see shiva match which is telecast on the television. She says to the opposite patients and nurse to observe the competition live. within the competition Shiva apologizes to the Judges for coming back late and explains that he had to rush his brother, who got unwell. Rishita asks what happened to Gautam. Shiva says that he required blood and he given it.

Shiva makes sense of his business thought. He says that he needs individuals to perceive the difficult work of ranchers. he says that clients fulfillment is significant. He further says that he chose to sell just natural items in his shop. He really wants 30 lakhs for his business. He will before long transform into 1 crore. He says that he trust himself, however he believes every single one of them should trust him. All applauds shiva and roots for him.

The anchor says that currently it is the right time to report the champ of the match. She says that the champ of this match is Shiva Pandya. Pandyas get cheerful on hearing this while Rishita and her family get disheartened. The adjudicators hand the champ’s prize and money check to Shiva. There Suman shares with Janardan to leave in the wake of having sweet. anchor demands the members to share their experience. She shares with Rishita to tell first.

Rishita thanks all and salutes Shiva for his triumph. She says that this opposition helped her that one necessities to have ability and degree to accomplish something. Sne needs to keep on talking, yet the anchor slices her ofc and shares with Shiva to give his discourse. Shiva thanks everyone and says that someone also won today. Call Raavi onto the stage. Raavi enters the stage. Shiva says that Raavi is his wife. He says his family is behind his victory.

He says his wife believed him more than he believed himself. He thanks Raavi and says it would have been possible with her. Shiva and Raavi express their love for each other and embrace. Shiva gives the prize to Raavi it’s hers to say. Shiva expresses that there is another individual without whom this is unimaginable. He says that it’s Rishita. He expresses gratitude toward Rishita and says that he wouldn’t have partook in this opposition on the off chance that she hadn’t insitigated him recently. He says that this is the triumph of thei family. Rishita imagines that she will always remember that Shiva made fun if her misfortune in broad daylight.

Gautam tells Dhara that he is fine and wants to see Shiva. He asks her to take him home. Dara refuses. Gautam tells the doctor that his brother won the competition and wants to welcome him home. Danger.The doctor says no and says he needs treatment. Dhara assures that she will take full care of him. Dhara will fetch the guard to take Gautam with him. Rishita cries recalling her loss. In the interim Pandyas observe Shiva’s triumph. Rishita says that Shiva offended her on the public TV, she will always remember it.