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Pandian Stores 25.11.2020 Written Update Episode 485: Kalai’s Unfortunate Accident

Last updated on 05/04/2021

Pandian Stores 25.11.2020 Written Update for Today Episode 485. Today episode begins with kalai and her husband Janardhan sit together at outside the home. After that kalai went inside the home but she foot suddenly slip and her hands hits the floor strongly. Then Janardhan seen his wife, asking to his drive ready the car, Both Janardhan and Kalai went to hospital.

Later Sathyamurthy, Dhanalakshmi along with mullai sit in the hall, Dhanalakshmi went to her room but she feels unhealthy, Sathyamurthy & Mullai asking to his wife what happen. Dhana says i think hits headache. Then Sathyamurthy asking to dhana ok come with me went met the doctor, Dhana says no & Mullai said to dhana go to the hospital. But dhana can’t listen her words.

After that Dhana and lakshmi sit together at hall, Lakshmi asking to her daughter-in-law how you feel now. Dhana just completed my dinner, few minutes later use headache medicine. Lakshmi asking about meena’s baby. Dhana says she sleeps now. At that time Janardhan comes to sathyamoorthy home. Dhana and Lakshmi asking to janardhan how are you, He said fine.

Later Janardhan informed to them kalai meets with small accident. After that meena comes to hall, asking about her mom. Janardhan informed to his daughter about kalai. Meena phone to kalai and asking to her how it’s happen.