12th Biology Important Questions 2020 For Public Examination

Padasalai 12th Biology Important Questions 2020 & Answers for public examination check here, prepared for annual examination which is conducted by DGE Tamil Nadu. 12th Biology Public Exam 2020 date is March 20. Students to score good marks at examination cover the all the topics like 1 marks questions, 2 mark question, 3 marks question, 8 marks questions, 5 marks

Total marks for 12th Biology Public Exam 2020 is 70 marks. Question paper medium is Tamil & English. Students here verify previous year Plus Two Important Questions & it’s answers.

Padasalai 12th Biology Important Questions 2020

1 Marks Questions 

Question: Which one of the following is not an advantage of micro propagation

a). Plans produced are genetically identical

b). Endangered plants can be propagated

c). Sometimes undesirable genetical changes occur

d). Disease free plants can be produced

Question: A simplified model for the RNAi pathway is

a) The trigger RNA is processed into a short interfering RNA by RNase II enzymes

b). si RNAs are loaded into the effector complex RNA induced silencing complex

c). both (a) and (b)

d). The gene editing tools such as CRISPR can be loaded

2 Marks Questions 

1).Difference bisporic megaspore development from tetrasporic development

2). Inheritance of chloroplast and mitochondria characters are non-mendelian inheritance pattern. why?

3). Agrobacterium tumefaciens is a good vector in gene transfer. State the reason for it

4). Why do we add dimethyl sulphoxide, glycerol or sucrose before cryopreservation?

5). write the ecological hierarchy

12 Biology 3 Marks Important Questions 2020

1). The different colours of flowers miabilis jalapa is the result of blending of phenotype not genes themselves. Explain it

2). Western blot test is more perfect than ELISA how

3). What is referred to as biological indicators ? Give an example

4). Now a days Azolla is an inevitable organism in paddy filed. Why?

5). TN govt suggest nilavembu as a medicine for dengue. Write its medicinal importance

Padasalai Plus Two Biology Important Questions 2020

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