11th Biology Important Questions Tamil/ English Medium

Padasalai 11th Biology Public Exam Important Questions, Answer Keys: Tamil Nadu DGE conducted Biology Public Exam on 23rd March 2020. To get maximum marks students check important questions for Part-1 (Bio-Botany Section -1, 2, 3, 4), Part-2 (Bio-Zoology Section-1, 2, 3, 4) & PTA model question papers.

1 Mark Questions

Question 1: For every CO2 molecule entering the C3 cycle, the number of ATP and NADPH required is

a). 3 ATP +2 NADPH b). 3 ATP + 3 NADPH c). 2 ATP +2 NADPH d). 2 ATP + 3 NADPH

Question 2: Vexillary aestivation is characteristic feature of_____ family

a). Solanaceae b). Brassicaceae c). Fabaceae d). Asteraceae

Question 3: Which of the following represents symport

Question 4: Photosynthetic roots are seen in

a). vanda b). tinospora c). cuscuta d). viscum

2 Mark Questions

Question 1: List the primary functions of leaf

Question 2: A series of events leading to the formation of new cell is known as cell cycle. Give the diagrammatic view of cell cycle

Question 3: Mention the different types of plasmolysis seen in plant cells

Question 4: Tabulate any two differences between cyclic and non-cyclic photo phosphorylation

3 Mark Questions 

Question 1: Explain the different types of placentation with example

Question 2:

  • a).Draw and label the structure of Mitochondria.
  • b). Why mitochondria is called as the power house of a cell

Question 3: A transverse section of the trunk of a tree shows concentric rings which are known as growth rings. What are the significances of studying about these rings

Question 4:

  • a). What is the formula for respiratory quotient ?
  • b). Write any two significance of pentose phosphate pathway

Padasalai 11th Biology Important Questions Tamil Medium 

5 Marks Questions

Question 1). Write the kingdom, phylum and class for pigeon, Write the characteristics of birds that are suitable for flying

Question 2). In our heart, all the four chambers are completely partitioned. It results in non-mixing of oxygenated blood with deoxygenated blood. Explain the double circulation related to it

11th Biology Important Questions English Medium

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11th biology important questions tamil medium

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