OZ Lotto Draw 1454 Results For Tuesday 28 December 2021

OZ Lotto Draw 1454 Results publish by authority at official website. OZ Lotto 1454 Results release time is Tuesday 28 December 2021 at 8.30 PM AEST (9.30 PM AEDT), Respective lotto entries close every Tuesday at 7.25 PM AEST (8:25 PM AEDT). To know the winning numbers for this draw stay tune with online official website only till results is out.

Authority recently published OZ Lotto Draw 1453 Results on Tuesday 21 December 2021. Winning Numbers for this draw is 3, 14, 18, 26, 30, 36, 43 Supplementary is 9, 13. For this draw 7 numbers matched winners is 0, 6+ supplementary winners is 4, 6 numbers matched winners is 69, 5+Supplementary winners is 370, 5 numbers matched winners is 2,762. 4 numbers matched winners is 58,351.

To know OZ Lotto Draw 1454 Numbers follow the steps i.e Visit official website. After that go to the OZ Lotto tab, Open the results/ winning numbers page in new tab. Once latest numbers is out you can verify the results. Here below provided numbers and short information regarding this draw.

Here it is the OZ Lotto Draw 1454 Numbers is 25, 31, 14, 41, 20, 45, 42, Supplementary Number is 3, 6. To know more details visit official website only. Here provided only details information purpose. For more Lotto Updates follow zeal study.