One Way Inter State Exit Pass issued by West Bengal Government

Government of West Bengal issued One Way Inter State Exit Pass. For travelling to places outside West Bengal due to COVID-19 Lock-down apply now at or anther web address i.e

Already register users to sign in to the One Way Inter-State Exit Pass account visit official website maintained by Government of West Bengal Also, forgot the password

User forgot password inter registered mobile number is compulsory, Proceed to submit details to recover/reset new password.

Looking to apply inter state pass let’s check the details, Provided mandatory information when fill up the registration form.

One Way Inter State Exit Pass Registration 

Apply for West Bengal Inter-State Exit Pass? Let’s to do this steps

1st Step: Visit Government of West Bengal-Egiye website

2nd Step: Go to the One Way Inter-State Exit Pass section

3rd Step: Proceed to apply now

4th Step: Select register/ apply

5th Step: Enter your full name, mobile number

6th Step: Proceed sent otp

After that display the registration successful. We have sent you the username and password to the mobile number.

7th Step: Once get the username and password visit sign in section

8th Step: Enter full name, age, gender, Email id, travel originality date, travel originality time, identity document type, document number, Source address, Destination address, vehicle details and details of the member/s travelling with the applicant (If not self drive only two members are allowed along with applicant)

9th Step: Agree the details

10th Step: Proceed to submit details