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On Statehood Day, Rahul Gandhi wishes the people of Sikkim well.

On Sikkim’s Statehood Day on Tuesday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi expressed greetings to the locals and remarked that Sikkim is a symbol of the peace that India stands for. Sikkim, a place with a wealth of natural beauty and cultural heritage, is a symbol of India’s commitment to harmony and togetherness in its diversity. On this day of statehood, may God bless the people of the state, Rahul Gandhi tweeted. The people of Sikkim received greetings on their Statehood Day from Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge earlier in the day.

On Sikkim Statehood Day, we send our warmest greetings to the people of this lovely state, blessed with natural beauty and a rich cultural diversity, he wrote on Twitter. Sikkim joined India in 1975 and became our 22nd state. Unhindered peace, progress, and wealth are what we hope for you.

Amit Shah, the union home minister, also sent his condolences to the Sikkimese people and said that Sikkim is a treasure in northeastern India, where its hardworking people generously contribute to the culture and economy of the country. May the state prosper for many years to come.