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Namak Issk Ka 9 December 2020 Written Update Telly Updates Episode 3

Namak Issk Ka 9 December 2020 Written Update For Episode 3 begins with kahani try to given ring to the pandit but yug comes between them, taken the ring and thrown into the fire. Kahani angry on yug, Yug said i will bring another ring. Later kahani said if what iam touching you thrown so i will touch you and asking him what you have to do your self. Yug leaves temple.

After that iravati comes to where kahani, yug accident happens. After that sarkar also comes their. Then sarkar said i have evidence, then iravati try to kill him, sarkar asking to her please leave me. Later kahani sit on yug car when he try to drive the car. Yug asking her what are doing. Kahani performing dance on yug car in front of crowd.

After that iravati said to Tagore we don’t like outside dogs if try enter my house so you don’t come to my house. Sarkar says ok i understand, Iravati given money to him and leaves the area. Kahani asking to yug i am done dance on this car so if you fire this car. Yug asking to kahani please don’t do jokes in front of me, said to her people watching us.

Then yug said i don’t speak with nachthey walay. Then kahani said at kailas lord shive also performing dance. Later yug went from their. After that pandit ji given ring to yug mom, said to her this ring only wear yug father. Yug said my father not alive. Pandit leaves the temple, Yug mom said how can you said like this your father not dead. But yug says in my view he died.

After that kahani comes to sarkar given to him wedding ring and few hours later sarkar kidnaps lucky and rani and comes to kahani wear the ring again

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