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Namak Ishq Ka 7 December 2020 Written Update: Kahani life in danger now


Namak Issk Ka 7 December 2020 Written Update For Episode 1. Here it is the starting episode story i.e childrens playing together. Suddenly car comes to them & two men comes to them. Later both are taken their children’s (Yug & Kahani), sit in the car & drive forest root. Kahani said i feel fear when car move fast. Then yug seen key on kahani hands. Later yug hold the key & lock said to kahani i will lock your fear through this lock. So you kept this lock and i will taken the key.

After that suddenly heavy vehicle hits the car & iravati push the car into the caves. After 15 years kahani running inside the forest and sarkar men follow her and injured her. But kahani escape from them, reached to temple. A that time yug come to save her bhabi from snake.

After that kahani seen her foot injury, starts crying and yug seen kahani comes to her to given napkin but suddenly his nephew call him and went to him. After that pandit asking to yug some one performing dance at temple. Yug said i will performing the dance. Few minutes later pandit seen kahani asking to her your a dancer and i seen you, asking her let’s performing the dance. Kahani approved pandit wish.


At kahani home sarkar comes to home, asking to rani, lucky where is kahani but they don’t tell anything. Sarkari given chocolates to rani and luck. Once they eats chocolate sarkar said i will mixed poison. Both children are crying. Then sarkar said i don’t mix anything on chocolates. At temple yug and kahani performing the dance, Yug impreesed to seen kahani dance. Once dance over kahani comes to home with oxygen cylinder because lucky suffering with disease.

Once kahani reached the home sarkar asking to kahani you agreed marriage with me but kahani don’t accepted for sarkar proposal. Then sarkar decided to harm luck. Later kahani accepted for marriage


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