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Namak Ishq Ka 28 December 2020 Written Update: Yug Gets Emotional To Seen Chamcham

Namak Ishq Ka 28 December 2020 Written Update For Episode 16. Yug taken chamcham to room and chamcham asking holds yug shirt and said to yug iam a dancer and i am poor. At that yug gets emotional and starts crying to think himself what to done for chamcham. After that chamcham phone to yug brother-in-law and asking to him please informed to my brother and sister iam safe.

Then yug brother-in-law asking to chamcham where are you now. Chamcham said i am informed you later. At that time yug sister comes to chamcham given fruit juice to her and asking to drink it. Later yug brother-in-law comes to kahani home, lucky open the door. After that roni said to rani and lucky iam will bring message from your sister. Luck hugs him.

At that time some one hits the calling bell, Roni try to open the door and before open the door roni seen who is outside. When he seen who is outside yug stand in front of the door. Roni feel tension, went to inside the bathroom. Rani open the door, Yug says your sister send me to here. Lucky says i am already met who send to here my sister.

After that yug phone to home, Roni wife lift the phone, given phone to kahani. Lucky and Rani speaks with kahani and informed to her roni uncle comes to home. Yug comes to bathroom, asking to roni open the door. But roni escape from kahani home.

Later kahani phone to roni and asking him where are now. When roni speaking to kahani children hits him with rocks. At that time kahani asking to roni what happen, Roni explains why he come out from bathroom window. Later yug returned to home, comes to chamcham room. Chamcham said to him you don’t go to my home because i will send to my friend to my home.

At that time lucky, rani comes to chamcham room and asking to her what happen to your hand. Later police comes to yug home

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