Namak Ishq Ka, 14th December 2020, Written Update: Chamcham in Trouble

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Namak Ishq Ka 14th December 2020 Written Update begins with kahani along with rani, lucky reaches the mumbai, phone to her friend said thanks to her to given room and job. Also, kahani informed her friend don’t say about us anything if you asking. After that yug and his mom, iravati reaches the home. Once reached the home iravati said to yug and his mom i will meet ravi kanth.

Iravati met ravikanth. When iravati met ravikanth he try to written car. Then iravati asking to him why you every time written car spelling on the papers, asking him please written everything i.e car ko meri patni iravati nay dhakka diya tha.  After that ravikanth crying to liste his wife words. Later iravati remembered what happen in past i.e when ravikanth went to outside iravati asking to him where are you going. Ravikanth said i have some work at office but ravikanth met his another wife. Iravathi seen him with other family members.


After that kahani met the doctor. Doctor said from today you are my assistant so be careful. At home iravathi informed to ravi i.e i will kill tagore also so no one catches me. Later kahani entered yug home. Once entered the home kahani seen yug when he is speaking phone. Later yug come down from upstairs, kahani hide herself backside of couch and yug sit on the couch where kahani hide herself. After that at home yug workers brings lord shiva statue to inside the home. Both yug and kahani seen them and running towards them and help them.

After that yug comes to kahani but he can’t recognized kahani because of face mask and asking her who are you. At that time doctor said she is my new assistant. Later kahani comes to ravikanth room and introduced herself.

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