Naagin 6 30 April 2022 Written Update Episode 23; Pratha faces Maha asur

Naagin 6 30 April 2022 Written Update Tellyupdate Episode 23 Spoiler released. According to the today’s episode spoiler pratha faces maha asur who asserts that alongside pratha’s bharat she is additionally going to obliterate pratha’s rishabh implying that she will hurt pratha every possible way. To know complete story of this episode subscribe VOOT select.

According to the spoilers which are circulated on YouTube Maha Asura is none other than Seema Gujral. Likewise the book given by farishta has profoundly stowed away mysteries with respect to the recognition of the leftover Asuras. To know what pratha did when she met maha asur follow zeal study online web portal.

In past episode while mehek conducts the marriage rituals of yash and pratha as per their destiny yash disovers that pratha’s true love lies elsewhere. As rishab and pratha begin to bond well with each other, yash revals that his union with pratha was decided in their childhood and that they both love each other.