Naagin 6 19 Feb 2022 Written Update Episode 3: Professor think who his the first suspect

Naagin 6 19 Feb 2022 Written Update For Episode 3. Today episode spoiler begins with professor speaking with naagin. Professor said to naagin i am send to you kill the asur but still his in same place. Naagin gets shocked and seen towards amrit manthan. At that time professor think himself who is the first person becomes a asur.

Other end bride father and mother return to their room, bride father asking to his wife remove the fake leg. After that bride father informed to his wife don’t know one seen what i am doing and all are think about me i will support to the country but don’t know under the carpet i will support to the enemies. Also he his informed to wife this kaliyuga and time for asur.

In previous episode partha saves rishabh as he and his brother fall down a cliff. Meanwhile professor informs mehek about the location of the first suspect who is to be found in rishab’s house. Before that a group of devious scientists plan to attack india with a deadly virus in 2020. As professor finds out about their plan, he gathers the nation’s sages and saints to summon the naagin to protect the world from the pandemic.