Naagin 6 14 August 2022 Written Update: Mehak Becomes Shesh Naag Rani

Naagin 6 14 August 2022 Written Update Tellyupdates spoiler Episode 54 is Mehak said to pratha i am become shesh naag rani. Pratha shocked. After that mehak become shesh naag rani and informed she played the of swayamvara. Later pratha went out from mehak but suddenly mehak shouts just wait pratha.Pratha turns, Mehak lies to pratha that her daughter is alive and cages her in the poisoned trap to kill her. After that mehak takes pratha where her daughter is.

Pratha seen her daughter and try to touch her. But mehak said if it touches your daughter you died because of a poisoned net. To know what happened in the episode stay tuned with zeal study. In the previous episode While mehek seeks to teach kiara a lesson and remove her from her path. She locks her inside a dark room. However, mehak soon realizes that, in reality, kiara is actually pratha. For upcoming Colors serial episode spoilers follow zeal study.

Naagin 6 14 August 2022 Written Update

The Episode begins with Mahek getting Nashika with her tail and makes her tumbles down. She sees a red snake blemish on the point of support, and moves it. The entryway opens up. Nashika takes a gander at the opened entryway and says I am coming there. Mahek says this is what I needed. She reviews Urvashi telling that Shesh Naag realizes that Nashika is extremely perilous, assuming she comes outside. Mahek says Shesh Naag won’t do. Urvashi says Pratha is smart and says on the off chance that you go inside the laal manzar, there is a snake blemish on the support point, on the off chance that you make the point of support move, the entryway will be opened from inside, and Nashika will emerge.

She asks her not to search in Nashika’s eyes even unintentionally, and says then you will end up being a stone. Fb closes. Mahek says I have reversed the situation, presently all of you will kick the bucket and not me. She says Nashika is emerging. Everybody gets terrified seeing Nashika. A snake woman says don’t search in her eyes, else you will happen to stone. Pratha thinks Mahek changed the tables, I need to save the naagins. Nashika makes a Naagin tumbles down. She holds Barkha and makes her tumble down. She gets them individually. Pratha requests that Nashika battle with her, Shesh Naagin. Nashika tosses pillar to her.

Mahek comes there and takes cover behind the point of support. Pratha blows fire balls at Nashika, however she is unaffected. Mahek gets out whatever do you believe that you will give me passing, and says I brought your demise. Damiyanti requests that Shesh Naag stop Nashika else she will kill Shesh Naagin. Shesh Naag says it is Naag lok’s standard, it’s not possible for anyone to meddle in the battle between two naagins. Pratha saves a snake woman when Nashika assaults her. She tumbles down. Pratha assaults Nashika and guillotines her. She says I won’t leave you, Mahek. Mahek requests that she save herself first and makes her see Nashika’s eyes holding her head. Pratha transforms into stone. Mahek says I love you such a lot of that I made you a symbol, presently you will long for Rishabh and your child, and I won’t allow you to pass on. She giggles resoundingly and applauds.