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Naagin 5 5 December 2020 Written Update Episode 34: Bani receives new power

Last updated on 6th December 2020


Naagin 5 5 December 2020 Written Update For Episode 34. Today episode promo begins with Bani comes to her room and changed from naagin to bani. Lord shiva said to bani markhat come back strongly to save from markhat i will given some powers to you.

After that bani receives special powers i.e she can see a mishap before it happens. Once she received the powers bani seen something happen to markhat and temple and a book and said like this “akeyla e shab ka matlab kya hai e kya honey jara hei & e koi nayi musibat ki chinta nahi”, Promo ends after that. What happen next i.e markhat story ends or not, bani faces huge problems with markat or not follow us.

To know Naagin 5 Episode 34 Written Update follow Today’s episode aired on Colors TV on 8.00 PM. This episode at the same time check on VOOT Select App only premium subscribers/ members.

Naagin 5 5 Dec 2020 Story


Markat creats problems to meera and her sisters and chachi. Bani recognized the threat which is created by markat and try to stops the fires and save her sisters and chachi. But markat seen bani try to kill the bani and other persons. But bani asking to markat don’t do any thing to my family.

In other end at cheel house veer mom asking to veer do you want tea i will prepared for it. Veer asking to his mom just you will bring the tea mug and why you asking again and doubt on his mom. After that markat who stay at cheel home try to kill the veer and his brothers. Bani seen what happen to veer family.

Later bani agree markat wish and both went to temple. Once reached the temple markat try to kill bani. At veer home everything fine, veer recognized bani in danger. After that veer comes to maya cave, Jay asking to veer why you come here. Veer explains everything. Markat recognized the veer searching for bani, hide the cave main door and try to kill bani.

At that time bani asking to lord shiva please help me. Lord shiva help bani and save her from markat. Later bani entered the temple, god given the power i.e she know what happen to her before the happens.


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