Naagin 5 26 September 2020 Written Update Full Episode Serial Hindi Voot

Naagin 5 26 September Written Update Hindi Serial telecasted on colors tv. Naagin 5 26 Sep 2020 Full Episode now available on voot app. In latest episode some one tied jai with thread, locked in room. But jai try to escape from the room. At outside unknown person sitting, Jai seen him. But unknow person watch jai said what he his doing, Jai acts like sleeping. Unknow person locked the room and leave the room. Other end bani meets mayuri. After that mayuri says i can not recognized you due to costly saree which is wearing you. Later mayuri given water to bani and leaves the room. Jai try to call bani but she can’t lift the phone. Once mayuri leaves her friend sunny make up for bani, Suddenly bani went to unconscious and mayuri return to room, asking to sunny lay her on bed. Sunny do what mayuri said.

After that mayuri went outside to call veeransh.  Later bani wakeup and think herself mayuri you underestimated me you don’t know iam adi naggin. Other end jai turned as nag, escape from the room. Mayuri meets veeransh and said to him must come to your room. Veeransh open his room door and shocked to sunny and bani. Mayuri feels tensed because bani change the complete plan i.e When veeransh open the door bani asking to sunny please leave me, don’t do anything mine.

Veeransh hits him cause what he doing to bani. Bani said to veeransh mayuri said he his my assistant he can makeup you bue he his missbeaving with me. After that veeransh asking him please asking apology her. But sunny said because of mayui all these happen. Later veeransh, sunny leaves the room. Once veeransh leaves the room bani given warning to mayuri. At that time jai reaches the veer house. To complete story staty tune with zeal study