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Naagin 5 21 November 2020 Written Update Episode 30 mx player, voot

Last updated on 22nd November 2020

Naagin 5 21 November 2020 Written Update for Episode 30 Voot, MX Player, Colorts TV. Naagin 5 Episode 30 telecasted on today Colors TV 8.00 PM. All the premium subscribers of VOOT check this episode before the tv. Also, respective episode available on MX Player tomorrow. Here it is the today episode promo/ spoiler.

Jay said to meera let’s celebrate the party. After that veer and bani performing dance, both jay and meera together & done dancing. While performing the dance bani said to veer i think don’t check jay and it’s not necessary. But veer can’t listen & said at any cost i will check him, continue the dance. After that veer mom seen meera mystery behavior and feel fear.

After that bani tied with jay at the time of dance. Veer asking to bani leave him, Jay asking to bani come with me. Then jay and bani went to upstairs, veer follow them. After that jay said bani i don’t take risk, bani seen markhat & bani turned as a naagin. Later veer turned as a cheel and asking to bani what happen to my mom, promo ends.

Today Story

Jay asking to drink alchohal to meera but she said i don’t, Later jay given juice to her. Meeta tasted juice, leave the hall. Once she leaves jay asking to every one let’s do couple dance. Veer asking to bani let’s start the dance & check who’s mystory person in the house.

Once started the dance bani checks cheel, jay and other persons. When bani move to meera side jay recognized what veer and bani done. After that jay holds bani hands, asking her to performe dance with me.

While performing the dance jay take bani to upstairs, Veer also, followd them. Later bani informed to jay what are doing, me and veer try to find evil. Then jay said i don’t want your life in rish. Veer comes
to downstairs, searching for his mom. Bani chachi said your mom went with meera. Jay taken bani to garden, shown her to markhat & veer searching for bani.

Later markhat reached bani, bani recognized evil is near and seen markhat. After that markhat turned as a veer mom & bani turned into aadi naagin, asking to markhat who are you.

Markhat says iam very power creature and i will kill you and comes to bani & try to kill her but bani uses her powers beaten markhat. When bani beaten markhat jay asking to kill bani. After that veer comes to garden, Bani said to veer she is evil. Veer mom said bani try to beaten me. Bani said not but veer can’t trust her. Jay comes to bani are you ok.

Bani says evil stay in this house but we can’t recognized. Jay says veer is markhat son and he his our enemy & kill him. When jay meet markhat at cave markhat says veer is your brother. Veer went to balcony, bani reached their. Veer asking to her you kill me and my mom. Bani says your mom not human being she is markhat. Veer says don’t say like that

Later bani says evil in your mom but i don’t know what is it. Veer said it’s markhat. After that bani i think jay had relationship with markhat & markhat choosen your mom. Veer says she is my mom but she try to kill me and you with the help of jay.

After that bani says at any cost i will kill markhat & asking veer you with me. Later bani went outside, jay asking to bani why are you crying. At that time veer asking to jay you both together, Bani angry on veer & markhat seen what happen at hall. After that veer brothers brings cage and taken her into cage & naksh and his brother taken jay into upstair room and close the doors.  After that markhat went to jay room.

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