Naagin 5 17 October 2020 Written Update: Jay, shukla try to kill aadi naagin

Naagin 5 17 October 2020 Written Update provided here. Naagin 5 Episode 20 available on Voot today for premium subscribers, available on mx player tomorrow. Today 8.00 PM Naagin season 5 latest episode telecasted. Check story of today episode, follow zeal study portal upcoming episode spoiler, twist updates.

In today’s episode Jay asking to shukla akesh comes to here or not. Suklas says yes he comes here at any cost, at home no one know bani is adi naagin. Mayuri says boring nag i will leave you know. Jay says if kill aadi naagin i will get full powers. After that jay asking shukla do you have any work. Shukla says no.

After that with in two days real veer killed. Akesh holds bani, fly between clouds and asking to bani what you want. Bani says i don’t want anything. When akesh flying in air this is my world. Bani says so why you feel fear. After that akesh try to kills bani but she angry on him.

Other end shukla shown knifes the jay and mayuri and says with this knife we kill aadi naagin and akesh leaves bani when flying on air. Mayuri seens when bani fallen from clouds. Then akesh try to catch her, Jay and shukla wait to kill aadi naagin.

But shukla suddenly change his decision i.e don’t kill aadi naagin, said to jay don’t thrown knife on her. Jay asking to shukla why. Akesh catches bani and landed on earth. Bani asking to akesh do you think you are a hero but not you are a villan. Jay angry on shukla because he stops him when try to kill bani.

After that akesh meets jay. Jay says to akesh we are ready to kill bani but why you catched her when fallen from air. Akesh says iam not your servent, what i fell in my heart i will did same. Jay angry on akesh and said to him your key in my hands. Then akesh, jay try to fight each other. Shukla says don’t fight each other. Then jay says i will bring here to kill aadi naagin. Complete story updated here. Follow zeal study

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