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Naagin 5 16 August 2020 Written Update [Live] Telly Updates Colors Voot

Naagin 5 16 August 2020 Written Update Full Episode 3 Telly Updates. Much waited today episode Hriday welcomes akesh but cheel group enters the temple, Akesh thrown hriday but aadi naagin try to save hriday but cheels enters the temple, Poojari asking to lord shiva help us. Other end akesh hold the Aadi Naagin hand says one condition i will leave everyone but “meri banjavo”. Akesh group hits hriday, Akesh kill naagins with his knife & Hriday. After that aadi naggin went to hriday, said to him open eyes. Then Akesh try to hold the aadi naggin hand but Aadi naagin turns into naagin form hits the akesh. But again akesh asking to nageshwari meri banjavo. Later Aadi Naagin kills the akesh & thrown him away from temple.

Naagin 5 16 August 2020 Written Update

After that lord shiva appeared & said after 10,000 years naag will born. After that aadi naagin says to hriday i will return then kill her self. After that 10,000 years story end then brinda asking to her cheel loves you very badly. After that dev calling to brinda and asking her i am live, asking about his family. Then dev asking to brinda how much time iam unconscious. Brinda says i don’t know i just listen the story. Later both brinda and dev leave the temple. Then Aadi naagin asking to lord shive i will ready reborn, Poojari identify the what aadi naagin asking to shiva. After that naagins enters the temple poojari says just watch happen today evening.

Naagin 5 Episode 3 Written Update

In the present Aadi Naagin born as a vani, attend the her friend marriage. At that time Naagini enters the marriage. But vani hold the naagin, asking to naagin please leave the house. Then Jai (naag raj) enters the marriage along with flowers. Vani said to her friend i feel good today.