Naagin 5 10 October 2020 Written Update Episode 18: Veer trying to kill jay

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Naagin 5 10 October 2020 Written Update promo released. Naagin 5 Full Episode 18 available on Voot Today after telecasting the serial on Colors TV. Bani try to open the door but door’s can open. After that bani think herself if door’s open i know what happen outside.

After that may naagin thrown water on mayuri face, Mayuri thrown bani. Bani fallen on the floor and acts like unconscious. Then mayuri said i know how to open this door & Bani listen what mayuri said. At outside Veer and his father along with other family members surrounding by Jay, Akesh said to jay you alone here.

At that time veer entered the scene, said to jay just watch what iam doing you & Bani reaches the where jay is & veer thrown jay from mountain, promo ends. For full episode story follow zeal study.

Naagin 5 Episode 18 Full Episode Story

Veer said to mayuri please send message to jay. Mayuri said why then veer said to her just send message what iam said to you that. Veer said to mayuri what message sent to jay i.e iam bani friend, bani freind not working weel that’s why iam send this message i.e please come to prayag pahadi. Then veer asking to her do you have message, she said now.

Later veer given jay number. After that bani trying to went outside but her room door closed, She try to open the doors. Veer comes to bani room along with mayuri. Later mayuri asking to veer you both need privacy so i wait outside. Veer says no i will went outside you both speak together.

After that veer along with his family went to prayag pahadi, Jay gets mayuri message and think himself why mayuri send this massage. Then he think himself mayuri don’t send this message someone asking to her send message to me & jay decided to went prayag pahadi.


Later fight between mayuri, bani happens, Mayuri thrown bani & Bani fallen on the floor. After that mayuri went to outside suddenly bani turned into naagin, stops mayuri and asking to her where is veer going. Then bani decided to went pragya pahadi and searching for vehicle.

Other side jay reached the prayag pahadi & Veer and his family members also reached the place, veer asking family members stay on the trees. Jay turned as a nag try to passing cheels. Veer recognized jay entry asking to come down his family members.

Later veer catches jay. After that jay asking to veer why did you said lie to me. Other end bani went to pragya pahadi but mayuri creats problems to bani. After that bani catches mayuri, catches her, kept into car & close the doors, went to prayag pahadi.

Finally bani reaches the place where jay is and listen silently. Akesh asking to veer please kill him now. Veer asking to jay how iam killing you. Then veer thrown to jay from end of the mountain but suddenly bani reaches the place and saves jay.

After that bani show veer brother jocket and tell him some one killed him with knife. Akesh asking to veer about his brother. Then veer said he his died. Akesh asking to how, Bani shown knife to veer. But akesh don’t trust her, decided to kill her.

Then veer saves bani, asking to her why you come here. Bani said to veer to inform truth to you. Follow zeal study for upcoming episode

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