Naagin 4 25 July 2020 Written Update: Naagin 4 Episode 33 Saturday

Naagin 4 25 July 2020 Written Update Episode 33 Saturday. Dev packing both his & brinda bags, But brinda asking dev what your doing. The he said to brinda we leave from here, My parents depending on me and my business. Later big snake entering to his house from hall. Then brinda says to dev do you know about me but he said what i know about you enough for me, he said it’s 12 o clock. Later he asked to brinda what did you say to me let’s say now but suddenly naagin reaches to dev. After that Vrushali tries to know shalaka planning i.e how to stop brinda and dev.

Naagin 4 25 July 2020 Written Update:- Brinda seen Naagin

After that Brinda seen naagin at dev back side and shocked. Then naagin shalaka uses ring to bring dev her room. Later naagin throws a bubble on dev, then dev said i will meet shalaka now, went her room. Later brinda ask to naagin how dare you do that on dev but naagin jump from dev room’s window. Brinda did same thing, catches vishaka & ask why your are try to kill dev but vishaka said i cant said to you then vishaka uses her ring and kill her self

Naagin 4 Episode 33:- Brinda Seen Dev Went With Shalaka

Brinda watch both dev and shalaka went shalaka room. After that both are close the doors, later dev sleep on her bed, Shalaka play the song and perform some dance moments. Then shalaka brings dev laptop and some files, spread around him to think his when wake up he is tied while working. Then brinda wake up, search for dev and realized he his at shalaka room.

Later shalaka came to meet vrushali, ketki and rasik and ask how to steel naagamani. Then vrushali and shalaka, rasik went to some place. Then swara comes to meet brinda. Brinda said to her dev not killed mantya. Then swara said to brinda becareful with shalaka:

Naagin 4 Episode 33 25 July 2020 Written Update Full EpisodeĀ 

Then after Shalakha takes both Rasik and Vrushali to Shiv Mandi, blackmails Pandit to reveal how to steal Naagmani. Pandit refuses to give in and Shalakha reveals that she intends to destroy the mandir if he does not reveal how to steal Naagmani. Rasik starts destroying the mandir while the pandit pleads with him.

After that Brinda comes to Shalakha’s room and Dev invites her inside. Dev and Brinda share some romantic moments. Rasik finds an age-old book through which they can learn everything about the Naagmani. Shalakha scans it and finds a package and a page. She takes the package and tears the page. In the Parikh mansion, everyone is excited about Hardik’s wedding. Ketki starts panicking when Brinda comes near her.