Naagin 4 1 August 2020 Written Update Episode 35: Naagin 4 Update

Naagin 4 1 August 2020 Written Update Episode 35 Colors TV, Voot. Naagin 4 1 August 2020 Episode 35 begins with brinda mother. Brinda mother running into the temple and search for pandit. Later shalaka enter the temple, she also searching for pandit, Later shalaka recognized brinda mother at temple and search for her Then shalaka performing magic bubble to find brinda mother

After that Dev talking with brinda but suddenly Vrushali call him and said iam fell down. Later both brinda and dev bringing her to hall. Later rasik came and asking to vrushali what happen, Then rasik went to bring a doctor. Later vrushali ask to dev please bringing here to a doctor. After that brinda find what vrushali doing.

Naagin 4 1 August 2020 Written Update

After that Brinda mother running another room at temple. At the same time shalaka try to find her, says do you think your daughter came to here to save you. Finally shalaka finds brinda mother. After that she said iam the mother of brinda and cuts the rope which consists heavy sticks to kill her self. After that vrushali call to shalaka and said something about dev. Later shalaka says to brinda mother we changed the plan. The plan is destruct the brinda marriage. After that hardik came to dev house. Then vrushali said to dev went for Haldi. Then after brinda and dev try to went for haldi but shalaka came to her house and said iam ther person went with dev. Later brinda said iam the person went with dev beacause you singed on the divorce papers and ask to ketki bring back those papers. But shalaka performing magic on dev. After that both dev and shalaka went from their house to bring haldi.

Naagin 4 1 August 2020 Episode 35 Written Update

Later brinda mother find some papers at temple and call to brinda but brinda after lifting the call said i can’t listen your voice. After that both shalaka and dev reach the temple and check the room where brinda mother fell down. But she is not their. After that shalaka try to performing magic. But brinda suddenly appeared at temple and taken ring from shalaka.

After that brinda mother reaches the home and sent a message to brinda. Then dev came out from temple said to brinda about her mother. Later both dev and brinda return to their house from temple. But dev says i know your mother inside the room.

Then brinda meets her mother and asking her what your saying on phone. Then dev enter the room. After that brinda asking her mother what your saying on phone but Dev shoots brinda mother & went out side. Later brinda went to her mother but she already died, Brinda crying after watching her mother. When brinda crying shalaka listens brinda voice.

After that shalaka meets dev and said your very good today and once again performing magic on him. But suddenly sunrise. After that dev asking what are you doing with me. Then brinda recalls what her mother saying about Dev.