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My Lecturer My Husband Episode 5 Kapan Tayang Details For Season 1 2020

My Lecturer My Husband Episode 5 Kapan Tayang details provided here. Already first two episodes aired on WeTV and iFlix. These two episodes check for free on iFlix also. For premium members episode 3 and 4 available on iFlix for VIP Subscribers. So check the subscription plan, pay the required amount for subscribe the respective account.

Already My Lecturer My Husband Episode 1 aired on December 11th, 2020 and Episode 2 aired December 18th, 2020. Also, 3rd episode aired on 25th December 2020, 4th Episode aired on 1st January 2021 & 5th Episode aired on 8th January 2021 every Friday at 6PM JKT/ 7PM/ MY. Also, VIP subscribers check 2 episode ahead.

Synopsis of the drama is She has exciting friends who are members of The Goks Gang, have a cute and supportive boyfriend named Tristan, and have the blessing of a father and mother in Jogja who are full of affection for her who is an only child. Only one thing that makes her life depressed, from her killer lecturer named Mr. Arya. Inggit, who is brave and cannot be treated carelessly, prefers direct confrontation with Pak Arya when her assignment gets bad marks.

Pak Arya actually worsened the value, even dragging the value of Inggit’s friend, Iim, who previously received an A, so he revised it to F. Inggit did not give up and succeeded in negotiating with Arya to improve that value even though by bartering an inhuman task

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