My Girlfriend is Alien Season 2 Ep 26 bilibili Eng Sub Spoiler Preview

My Girlfriend is Alien Season 2 Ep 26 Bilibili Eng Sub Spoiler Preview is Chai Xiao Qi said to Fang Leng You know i play along to you for hormone element instead of you, right?. Then Fang Leng said i know. The Chai Xiao said so you know every time i reject you it’s from the bottom of my heart, right?. Then Fang said I know that too.

After that Chai Xiao said When i first met you at that one i rejected you straightway later you appeared in different ways before me, No matter what i say, you refuse to give up is it because you have too much free time or i didn’t reject you sincerely enough. After that Fang Leng said It’s because i like you. To know complete story of this episode stay tuned with zeal study web portal.

MY Girlfriend Is Alien Season 2
Episode Number 26
Release Date 14th October 2022