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Molkki 30 December 2020 Written Update Episode 33: Purvi Stands Her Ground

Molkki 30 December 2020 Written Update for Episode 33. Virendra angry on purvi because purvi wear the sakshi dress and jeweler. Purvi given dress to virendra said to him you still remember old memories and you can’t seen what happen in present. Other end anjali said to sruthi about london return boy at that time purvi sister listen their words and think herself if marred London return boy iam also lead life like purvi.

Other end purvi said to virendra something about her past life but he asking to molkki please given way to me. Purvi said no you must listen what iam saying to you. Then Virendra listen what purvi said i.e i will given important to sakshi and i am stand with you when you starts painting of sakshi but you every time angry on me so i will leave the house

After that virendra said to purvi ok from now i will given freedom to you so you must leave the house. Manas, Juhi discussing what happen between virendra, purvi. Juhi said because of us dad shouts on purvi. Manas asking to juhi let’s go to the dad and informed to him what we done. After that purvi comes to children, Manas and Juhi said to purvi anajali chachi given dress to us to given you. Then purvi think herself must given answer to her and comes to anajali room and asking her what she done.

Purvi asking to anajali what happen if Virendra know what you done to me. Anajali feels fear, Purvi leaves anjali room, Anajali angry on purvi. After that purvi recognized some one pass her room and follow her and seen who is she. When purvi come out from her room someone enter the room and place neckles in the room.

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