Molkki 2 September 2021 Written Update: Nani overhears Virendra’s Talk

Molkki 2 September 2021 Written Update for Episode 208 Season 1. Purvi playing basketball and at the same time virendra come outside from home, Purvi running towards to the basket to score a point and jumps. At that time virendra lifts purvi and purvi score a point. After that veer asking to virendra purvi gets his memory back.

Then virendra says not yet but she will gain memory back soon. At that time veer said to virendra i think purvi has moved on and there is no space for her. Then virendra gets angry on veer and says she is my wife and no one separate her from me. While veer and virendra speaking together nani hears their conversation and gets shocked.

To know what happen in next episode follow zeal study. To know how will daksh’s grandmother react to this revelation (After veer and Virendra secret conversation) stay tune with colors tv hindi.