Molkki 14th December 2020 Written Update: Virendra Angry On Purvi

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Molkki 14th December 2020 Written Update begins with virendra asking to purvi who fired the pain of sakshi. Juhi comes to virendra approved herself to do that but suddenly purvi said i am done this. Then virendra angry on purvi said to her this is last symbol of my sakshi and you you damged sakshi portrait. Then virendra mom comes to him and asking to him still todays for sakhi death anniversary.

After that virendra said to his mom i will complete the new portrait of sakshi with in two days without sleep and eat. Later purvi said iam also did same thing i.e iam also not sleep and eat until portrait completed. After that sarkar speak with his sister i don’t think Virendra did this type of decision. After that priyu also comes to virendra home. Purvi asking to her husband may i help you, Virendra said because of you it’s happen.


Purvi agreed her mistake and asking apology. At that time virendra asking to purvi hold the paint box till the painting is over. Purvi agreed for that. Virednra starts painting and purvi seen rat and feels fear and touches Virender. Virender asking to purvi please stay away from me. Later priyu entered the virendra house with the help of virendra relations. Manas said to juhi because of you purvi and dad not eat the food, manas said to juhi we taken the food to purvi. Anjali listen juhi and manas words, said to them let’s taken the food for her i can’t said this matter to anyone.

Both manas and juhu brings the food to purvi suddenly anajali asking to them bring the sweet to purvi. Juhi said no. Anajali said ok i will given to you and mix the poison on sweet, given to the juhi. Both manas and juhi comes to purvi.

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