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Molkki 10th December 2020 Written Update Episode 4: Virendra Bails Purvi Out

Last updated on 11th December 2020

Molkki 10th December 2020 Written Update Voot MX Player For Episode 4 Promo. Kallu asking to Virendra how dare you to stop the punishment which is imposed on this panchayat. Purvi crying and seen Virendra side. At that time Virendra said loudly i can’t stop the punishment, Purvi given the punishment to who did wrong.

Once listen the Virendra words kallu feels nervous and seen her son sides and think what happen to her sons. After that Virendra said purvi what said in this panchayat yesterdays is correct so i will stop the brutal punishment and also Virendra said today purvi investigate the problem here in this panchayat in place of mine.

Purvi feel happy to hear Virendra Words. After that Juhi, Manas comes to panchayat and stands besides of their daadi. In previous episode Virendra stops the purvi punishment and Manas decided to shown the video footage which is recorded by purvi and comes to panchayat.

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Virendra opens the door when dogs comes to purvi, save her from dogs. Then kallu asking to Virendra why did you do this, she is blames us in front people and i will asking to you given punishment to her. Virendra said purvi nothing to do wrong and what she said yesterday is right. Kallu asking to Virendra do you have evidence.

Virendra said yes i have and call to his uncle. Then mama sarkar comes to virendra and shown a video, Virendra asking to mama sarkar shown video to villagers. After that Virendra asking to purvi said what punishment impossed to kallu and her sons.

Kallu and her sons comes to Virendra & asking to him please don’t do anything because of child we would do this. Purvi asking to Virendra taken them to police station. Virendra said ok. For upcoming episode story follow zeal study

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