March 2020 Week Wise Lesson Plans 2020 1st To 5th and 6th to 10 Class

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March 2020 Week Wise Lesson Plans

1). Introduction 

  1. Where is playing for your school holiday
  2. Do you have outdoor games
  3. Explain for your best friendship circle

2). Understanding

a). Teacher read the whole lesson in sentence wise with correct proper pronunciation and proper strees

b). The students are asked to read the text content individually or followed by the teacher

3). New Words 

  • Thunder
  • Ignore
  • Dodged
  • Pregnant
  • Mercilessly
  • Embarrassed


  1. Jana and her family had come to the village
  2. The tree twisted its branches and threw the swing near them
  3. The trunk of the tree cracked open and the treeroared
  4. He advised them to make a fence around the tree to stop people from going near it
  5. She put her fear away and tried to find the reason for the change in tree behavior the tree
  6. Dropped its sharp branches close to her
  7. Jana Calmly touched the tree and patted it. The branches stopped moving and it was quiet
  8. They are the reason for me to become a monster. Long ago a pregnant squirrel came here
  9. I am the last of my kind in this village. The hunter are trying to kill me. Please save me

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