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Lotto Max Jan 15 2021 Winning Numbers: Check Canada Lotto Max Results

Last updated on 16th January 2021

Lotto Max Jan 15 2021 Winning Numbers released soon at official website. Looking for results wait for till Friday Night and follow the authorized web portal for regular updates. These lotto tickets sold until 10.30 PM (ET) on draw nights. These lotto draws held on every Wednesday and Friday. Once encore results of this particular lotto when announced provided the numbers here below. Also who are not yet verify the previous numbers.

Recently authority published Wednesday lotto numbers that is 04, 12, 13, 15, 18, 30, 50+ 34 (Bonus). Also, published the encore numbers that is 7001352. Also main prize cash winners is 113,791 and encore cash winners is 115,034. Here below provided the main prize matches and tickets won information. Matches 7/7 Tickets Won is 0, 6/7+Bonus Matches Tickets Won is 0 and 6/7 Matches Tickets Won is 36. Also, 5/7+Bonus Matches Tickets Won is 125.

5/7 Matches Tickets Won is 2,496 and 4/7+Bonus Matches Tickets Won is 3,870. Also, 4/7 Matches Tickets Won is 54,828 and 3/7+Bonus Matches Tickets Won is 52,436. To know Lotto Max Jan 15 2021 Updates follow zeal study. Here it is the today released winning numbers i.e 05, 23, 31, 35, 36, 37+43+13 (Bonus)

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