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Lotto Max Feb 12 2021 Winning Numbers: Visit official website check bonus, encore

Canada Lotto Max Feb 12 2021 Winning Numbers available only at official website. Visit official website once numbers are out verify the results along with encore. Authority released the winning numbers on draw night after 10.30 PM (Eastern Time). So pay the ticket price and who buy the lotto tickets required to follow/ stay with authorized portal and verify the numbers once out with your ticket numbers.

Authority past results announced on Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 and winning numbers is 04, 12, 16, 17, 33, 36, 44 plus 02 (Bonus) and Encore number is 0919502. Main prize cash winners is 117, 987 and matches 7/7 tickets won is 0. Also, 6/7+Bonus Tickets Won is 0, Matches 6/7 Tickets Won is 49. Also, Matches 5/7+Bonus Tickets Won is 137. Matches 5/7 Tickets Won is 2,457 and 4/7+Bonus Tickets Won is 4,212. Also, 4/7 Matches Tickets Won is 55,427 and 3/7+Bonus Matches Tickets Won is 55,705.

For more details Lotto Max Feb 12 2021 Results follow zeal study. Here provided winning numbers info once released by authority according to the schedule.

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