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Lotto Max Dec 29 2020 Winning Numbers: Check Tuesday Tickets won, Matches

Lotto Max Dec 29 2020 Winning Numbers. Here it is the respective lotto results live updates i.e matches, tickets won, prize and also encore. Past results announced previous Friday and winning numbers is 08, 12, 16, 30, 38, 48, 50 + 14 and prize payout breakdown main prize cash winners is 120, 043 and also cash winners is 120, 650.

Here it is the past results matches 7/7 tickets won is 0. Also, 6/7+Bonus and Tickets Won is 3, 6/7 Matches Tickets Won is 36, 5/7+Bonus Matches Tickets Won is 140 and 5/7 Matches Tickets Won is 2,543 and 4/7+Bonus Matches Tickets Won is 4,191 and 4/7 Matches Tickets Won is 56,598 and also 3/7+Bonus Matches Tickets Won is 56,532, 3/7 Matches Tickets Won is 553, 261. For more encore updates visit official site.

Here it is the how to verify the winning numbers. Initially who buy the tickets visit official website. After that go to the winners section and select lotto max and go to the checking winning numbers tab and open the tab in new window. Once winning numbers is out provided complete details.

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