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Lotto Max Dec 22 2020 Winning Numbers: Check results, matches & tickets won

Last updated on 23rd December 2020


Lotto Max Dec 22 2020 Winning Numbers results and main prize, encore available at official website once released. Authority announced winning numbers twice in a week that is Tuesday and Friday. Here provided Tuesday announced main prize and encore updates. For more updates regarding respective results all the people refer official website only.

Previously respective winning numbers announced on 18th December 2020. Those numbers are 02, 09, 10, 22, 31, 35, 49+30 (Bonus). Matches 7/7 and tickets won is 0, 6/7+Bonus tickets won is 53, 5/7+ Bonus is tickets won is 166, 5/7 tickets won is 2,995 and also, 4/7+Bonus is 4,998 & 4/7 matches tickets won 68, 243 and 3/7+Bonus tickets won is 67, 623. Also, 3/7 matches tickets won is 661, 509 and prize free play. Encore Matches 9133004 tickets won is 0,


Lotto Max Dec 22 2020 Results announced as per the schedule. When winning numbers officially published at official portal. When numbers out update the details here. Follow zeal study portal for upcoming lotto details.

Here it is the latest updates of winning numbers i.e 04, 29, 30, 37, 38, 43, 44+15 (Bonus). For more details visit official site


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