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Lotto 649 Jan 13 2021 Winning Numbers released after 10.30 PM (Eastern Time)

Lotto 649 Jan 13 2021 Winning Numbers announced according to the Canada Time i.e After 10.30 PM (Eastern Time) at official website. Who purchase the lottery tickets before the end of the time through official portal verify the encore numbers and cash winners total. Here below provided the past lotto results for 649. Who are not yet verify the details i.e matches and tickets won and prize. Also, follow zeal study web portal for upcoming lotto news such as release date, last date to buy the tickets and how to claim.

Here it is the Jan 9 2021 results i.e 04, 08, 18, 24, 31, 32+40 (Bonus) and encore 9593622 and also, guaranteed prize draw results 46079074-01 and tickets won is 1. Also cash winners is 147,790. Matches 6/6 Tickets won is 1, 5/6+Bonus Tickets won is 2, Matches 5/6 tickets won is 96. Also 4/6 matches tickets won is 5,220 and 3/6 matches tickets won is 91,279. Matches 2/6+Bonus Tickets Won is 51,192 and also, 2/6 matches tickets won is 596, 700.

Those who matches winning numbers claim the prize through mail, retailer. Today released lotto numbers published once released.

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