Lagna Wasanawa 2897: DLB announced lagna wasanawa 2897 result

Lagna Wasanawa 2897 Result published on yesterday night 9.30 PM. So who are looking for draw number which is published by authority verify now along with matches, total number winners. Also, total amount win by winners details. Also, follow website for upcoming Development Lotteries Board Result. Follow official web portal i.e

Lagna Wasanawa 2897 Winning number is 04 36 37 48 sign is (meena). According to the DLB announced yesterday results no one won the prize amount of 2,578, 947. Also, 2 winners who matched 4 numbers they won prize money 500,000 each. Also, according to the DLB published result list nearly 33 winners matches 3 numbers, Zodiac Sign and won 10,000 each from total amount of 330,000

Lagna Wasanawa 2897 2020 August 20 Thursday

  • 372 winners matched 3 numbers and win prize money 1000 each (total amount is 372,000)
  • 1,411 winners matched 2 numbers and zodiac sign, won 200 prize money (total amount is 282,200)
  • 15,517 winners matches 2 numbers, they win 100 prize money (total amount is 1,551,700)
  • 17,718 winners matches the 1 Number and zodiac sign and win prize money 60 (total amount is 1,063,080)
  • 193,829 winners matches the 1 number and won 20 (total amount is 3,876,580)
  • 60,651 winners matches the only zodiac sign and won 20 (total amount is 1,211,220)

Total winners of Lagna Wasanawa 2897 is 289,443 and Total amount is 9,686,780

How To Check Lagna Wasanawa Draw Number 2897 Result

Visit intially. After that required to visit enter your name of the lottery, Check the result, select more verify the how many members win the prize, how much money they win as a prize money.