LA Times Crossword 5/8/22 Answers: LA Times Crossword May 8 2022 Puzzle Solution Here

LA Times Crossword 5/8/22 Answers provided here. LA Times Crossword May 8 2022 Puzzle Solutions is ROMCOM (1 Across (Move that may feature a meet-cute scene), FACETS (7 Across: Components), HONDAS (13 Across; Odysseys, e.g), ARIANA (19 Across; God is a women singer grande), UPHERE (20 Across: inviting call from a tree house).

LA Times Crossword 5/8/22 theme is Monsters Incorporated, Theme answers each have a Monster Incorporated as a hidden word. According to the theme that is 22A No great shakes (OGRE”), 36A (YETI”), Also 66A (ONI).

Also 96A (TROLL”), 112A (BELGIAN TRIPEL (incorporating “GIANT”), 16D (Drag One’s Feet (“Dragon), 60D (Mongol Empire “GOLEM”). To know upcoming LA Times Crossword Puzzle Answers follow zeal study web portal. Avery day Los Angeles Times given daily cross word puzzle to