Kundali Bhagya 9 October 2020 Written Update: Pawan all set for preeta marriage

Kundali Bhagya 9 October 2020 Written Update for episode 797. Full episode of Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2020 released tomorrow 12.00 PM on Zee5 premium app. Download Zee5 Android, iOS App & subscribe premium account to check new episodes, web series, promos, spoilers before zee television.

Preeta asking to pawan how did you do this marriage your brother still unconscious so this marriage can’t done at any cost. Pawan said to preeta your marriage with prithvi done at any cost. At function hall sherlyn said to sarala today preeta once again shown her false behavior to everyone, said to sarala preeta runaway from this house. Mahira said at that time preeta escape with prithvi.

Karan shouts on mahira, sherlyn. Also, karan said to his family right now don’t say anything about preeta, I know about preeta, how she is. Then sherlyn, mahira silently listen what karan said to them. To know full episode follow zealstudy.in

Kundali Bhagya 9 Oct 2020 Story

Sarala said to preeta marriage with karan happens two times. Daadi says i don’t agree that marriage. Sarala said yes i don’t agree that marriage but god agree their marriage. Mahaira said stop to sarala, said to sarala you don’t backs your daughter because i deserved karan please understand what is my status and your status. Once again sarala angry on mahira, said to her please stop talking with me

Mahira said to sarala i don’t stop my words. Later sarala asking to karan why you stands silently. Then karan said this party for preeta but she is not here. Sarala said i will phone to preeta, Karan said to sarala i am already try to call preeta but she can’t life the phone. At that time karan shown a letter which is written by mahira.

After that mahira shown a letter to rishab. Then karina said to rakhi i know preeta starts new drama infront of us. Other end pandit starts marriage rituals, said to preeta please try to help me because i am not pandit. At that time shrishti reached upstairs, seen what happen to preeta.

Other end saral remembered preeta said about mahesh, asking to rakhi do you everything about preeta, asking to rishan please give me the letter, shown to rakhi and said to her this is not preeta handwriting.

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