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Kundali Bhagya 8 January 2021 Written Update: Rakhi recognized preeta feels tension

Kundali Bhagya 8 January 2021 Written Update Hindi Zee TV Serial for premiere episode 867. Here it is the promo story that is both kritika and akshay sit inside the car. When kritika comes to car ruchika sit backside of the car. Later kritika said to akshay remember one word that is once our marriage happens i can’t leave you one minute and asking to akshay remember this words. Then akshay smiles and ruchika listen both akshay and kritika conversation. Few minute’s later kritika come outside from the car to leave akshay. Once kritika come outside from the car recognized red color cloth come outside from back door.

After that kritika asking to akshay at backdoor i seen dress. Akshay shocked and asking her where and down the car when kritka try to open the back door and holds kritka and try to hugs her. At home both rakhi and preeta sit at hall. Rakhi recognized preeta feels tension and asking to preeta what happen to you and why you feel tension. Also, rakhi asking to preeta if anything happens please informed to me.

To know Kundali Bhagya 8 January 2021 Written Episode follow Today after 12.00 PM episode 867 released on zee5. All the premium membership holders check new episodes before the tv.

Episode Live Updates

Akshay stop the car at parking area, Kritika asking to him drive inside the car but akshay said i have work. Kritika said ok and down the car. When she leave the car recognized the dress and asking to akshay about dress. Then akshay down the car and holds kritika hands once our marriage done no one disturbed us. Kritika said ok, akshay drive the car and asking to ruchika are you alright. Other end rakhi informed to preeta call to your home and informed to sarala ji and srishti regarding marriage invitation. Preeta smiles and few seconds later she recognized about akshay.

Rakhi seen preeta and asking to preeta are you feel tension if any thing please share with me. Preeta said nothing and asking to jago rasam. Rakhi explains about jago rasam. When rakhi expalind about rasam karan, kritika comes to them. Later kritika fun with karan. After that at night party started and sanjana asking to sherlyn about pregnent. Sheryn said it’s acting. Later karina and rakhi welcomes akshay family members, sherlyn said to her mom iam wife of rishab so i have join with rakhi aunty.

After that karina introduced sanjan and sherlyn, rakhi introduced ramona to akshay family members. Later akshay searching for kritika, daadi fun with akshay regarding kritika. Preeta asking to kritika if this marriage can’t happen how do you feel. Kritika why you asking like that. Preeta said i want to see your reaction. After that preeta said to kritika your like my sister like srishti if you can’t say this marriage please informed to me. Karan listen both preeta and kritika conversations

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