Kundali Bhagya 7th October 2020 Written Update: Sarala Ji asking about preeta

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Kundali Bhagya 7th October 2020 Written Update spoiler available at Zee5 Android iOS app. Full Episode available for premium users one day before the tv. To know upcoming episode twists must buy premium subscription of year/ monthly. Check zee5 subscription plans.

Kundali Bhagya 7 Oct 2020 Spoiler begins with mahira, karan. Mahira holds karan luthtra hands said to Luthra family members he his my husband now. Sarala Ji, Rishab, Sherlyn and who attends the reception party shocked, Sarala ji crying in front of Luthra’s. Karan standing silently and listen what mahira said to his family members

Then mahira announced i am the member of Luthra family now. Karan said to his family members she speaks lie in front of you. Karan daadi and his sister shocked. Then karan said she is not wife, Sarala ji asking to him if she not preeta where is my daughter. Sherlyn tensed, promo ends. For latest IPL Updates, Amazon, Flipkart Quiz updates follow zealstudy.in

Kundali Bhagya Previous Episode

Karan and mahira danced for mass song at their reception party. But suddenly mahira reveled herself i am not preeta. Karan stops his dancing, Mahira running to her room. Karan follow her. Both karina, sarala why karan, preeta running towards their room. Complete story of upcoming episode story updated soon

Kundali Bhagya 7 Oct 2020 Episode

Pawan enters the prithvi room, tie the thread to janki hands don’t escape from the house. After that he went to prithvi chair side and speaks with him after few hours your bachelor life ends. So i will calling to the pujari to performing your marriage rituals and leaves the room


When pawan leaves the room janki gets conscious, seen to prithvi and thinkherself what happen to him why he sleeps unconsciously and check to prithvi. Later janki recognized he drinks alcohol that’s why he sleeps like this. After that janki think herself if karan know about this incident he will kill prithvi & starts thinking how to inform to karan to save preeta

Other side karan searching for preeta, phone to preeta but she can’t lift the phone. Mahira calling to karan to divert the his mindset from her side. Also mahira said to karan preeta leaves the funtion, leaves your family and went to some where, Sherlyn listen what mahira, karan speaks together. After that karan said enough don’t say anything to me.

Mahira said to karan when iam entered to preeta room she sleeping on the floor unconsciously that’s why i will wear this dress to save your family faith. Karan says it’s ok and asking to leave this area, karan leaves the place.

At that time mahira said to karan let’s see this letter. Other end preeta try to escape from pawan house but pawan said to her once this marriage is over your also my family member. Preeta said to him sherlyn says wrong to you but pawan don’t trust preeta.

After that pawan says to preeta i know my brother wants marriage with you, asking to pandit let’s do this marriage. But pandit says i don’t know how to do marriage. Later pawan asking to gabbar let’s show weapon to him. Then pandit says ok i will did this marriage

Karan read the letter, Mahira explains to karan what’s on the letter i.e preeta escaping with prithvi because she don’t want marriage with karan. But karan don’t trust mahira voice.

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