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Kundali Bhagya 7 November 2020 Written Update: Preeta seen mahira hugs karan


Kundali Bhagya 7 November 2020 Written Update for Episode 821 available now. kundali bhagya 7 November 2020 Episode released today on zee5 app. Check complete story and also, follow website.

Preeta informed to karan mahira is not in normal state. So she do anything to marry you. Also, preeta says if mahira stay in this house problem for us and our family members. Karan says i understand preeta but she is not come in between us. Preeta says she will come between us because she is at this house. Karan informed to his wife mahira stay in this house but she can’t to anything for us. Karan asking to preeta don’t crying because we are married and iam your husband.

Mahira Listen Everything both karan and preeta speaks together, crying and leaves the place. After that mahira entered the her room shouts himself and said i will do everything but how i break their relationship. Sherlyn comes to mahira room and said i will get your medicine. Mahira asking to sherlyn please leave the room, said to sherlyn i will use the medicine but if karan given to me i will get taken the medicine.


Later sherlyn comes to karan room and said to him mahira wants you given the medicine to her other wise she can’t taken the medicine. Then karan reaches the mahira room and asking to her let’s taken the medicine. Mahira says i feel fear, Karan says don’t worry. Then mahira hugs karan, sherlyn try to stop mahira but mahira angry on her. Preeta seen mahira hugs karan. Mahira says karan my mom leaves me because i will stay with you.  Sherlyn gets prithvi call, Serlyn said to karan my mom calling me i will meet you later and leaves the room. After that sherlyn seen preeta when watching karan and mahira at mahira room. Karan said to mahira your mom come back to here and she will taken you to your home.

Sherlyn phone to prithvi. Prithvi lift the call and said hi baby and asking to her how is leg. Sherlyn says iam fine. Prithvi says i know everything. After that sherlyn informed to prithvi everything happen at luthra home. Prithvi informed to sherlyn mahira comes to luthra house because she try to married karan. Also, prithvi says sherlyn as soon as possible mahira becomes karan wife.


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