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Kundali Bhagya 7 December 2020 Written Update Episode Spoiler, Story, Twist

Kundali Bhagya 7 December 2020 Written Update for premium episode. Here it is the upcoming epi spoiler story and twist. In upcoming episode karan speaks with preeta i.e i will said one word that is you stay with me and you with me at my room. Then preeta smiles. After that karan said i don’t how to say better then this because we miss each other.

At sherlyn room complete drama happens i.e sherlyn said to mahira i.e no one gets bail for murder case, Mahira gets irritating for sherlyn speech, said to sherlyn how can they know i mixed poison on peeta food. Then sherlyn said are you mad you don’t if preeta eat poison they have doubt on you because you hate preeta.

Once listen sherlyn words mahira shocked and accepts sherlyn said is correct. To know what happen after this incident and before the incident follow portal. Today premium episode avaialable on Zee5 after 12.00 PM.

Premium Episode Story

Preeta open ring and remembered her father last words and starts crying, think her self if you live our life is diffrent and remembered her mom stay in lockup. Also, preeta thinks mom gets bail but still cast not closed. When preeta crying karan listen the sound, wake up on the bed and comes to preeta and asking to her what happen.

Preeta said i will remembered my father and my mother and still sherlyn can’t return the case. Karan asking to preeta we met your mom. Preeta asking to her husband you we went to met my mom. Karan said yes, preeta hugs karan.After that sherlyn asking to mahira from today if you want to do anything please ask me and then do. Other end karan, preeta comes to preeta homes.

After that karan return to home, preeta went to her home. At home mahira speaks with her mom, Ramona said what happen to preeta it’s bad for us so keep it mind you must be with sherlyn and also said to mahira keep your mind cool.

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