Kundali Bhagya 7 August 2020 Written Update Today Full Episode Zee5

Kundali Bhagya 7 August 2020 Written Update Full Episode Zee5. Kundali Bhagya 7 August 2020 Full Episode begins with Rishab said to sanjana about karana. After that Rakhi says to sanjana please do not understand badly what rishab said to you, He his angry on sherlyn, between both rishab and sherlyn had misunderstanding. After that rakshi says to rishab between wife and husbands sometime happensĀ  misunderstandings, please do not think about it just leave it, please excuse sherlyn for this time. Then rishab says ok to his mother. After that sherlyn talking with her self total family members are waiting for me, Then Mahira came from her room, hide something.

Kundali Bhagya 7 August 2020 Written Update

Sherlyn recognized something mahira hiding in her hands, asking her what is it and this is not right time to play games please shown me. Then mahira shows wine bottles to sherlyn. Sherlyn shocked and asking to mahira what is this, today your marriage. Later Mahira says today iam very happy because my dream comes true. After that preeta feels when this marriage over. After that karan’s sister came to preeta says it’s not fair. Then preeta says i feel very happy to being here, seen his marriage. After that suddenly karan came, listen what both are talking, asking what is problem. After that preeta try to went from their, Karan holds preeta hand, stay here and watch the marriage.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 7th August 2020

After that mahira drink some wine, Sherlyn stops her after listening the someone footsteps, Then they both went mahesh luthra’s room, Mahira says something important info to sheryln. After that sherlyn try to wakeup mahesh, Mahira says today his son marriage but he can’t listen and can’t watch his son marriage. Later sheryln introduced mahira to mahesh, says after 1 hour she is karan wife. When both mahira, sherlyn speaks with unconscious mahesh lutra preeta identify the sherlyn voice, listen what she said. Sherlyn says to mahira i have a one plan after your marriage we executing that, Preeta listen what they speaks.

After that sameer came to karina room, holds her saree. At that time srishti seen sameer and ask him please helps to stop the marriage because karan sir say yes for this marriage because of angry on preeta. Finally sameera agree for what srishti, asks her what is the plan. Srishti says not decided yet. After that mahira ask to sheryln what is the plan, preeta silently listen what they speaks i.e what sherlyn do for mahesh lutra. The mahira asks what is the plan to sherlyn. Sherlyn says if mahesh lutra is dead i can’t fear, so i will murder him. Mahira says today but sherlyn says not today because if he is died today your marriage is postponed to 1 year. So first complete your marriage after that today night i will kill him.

But mahira says not today night, I have some plans after marriage, Please taken some advises like inject something his body then completely he is in coma. Later sherlyn says already his in coma if may i do anything like what you say getting problem, went to meet rakhi and other family members.

Once both mahira and sherlyn went from mahesh lutra room preeta enter the room, says what sherlyn try to do. Then karan entered mahesh lutra room, asks to preeta what are you doing