Kundali Bhagya 6th October 2020 Written Update: Karan finds the truth

Kundali Bhagya 6th October 2020 Full Episode Written Update. Kundali Bhagya Episode 1681 now available for Zee5 Premium subscribers from today onwards. Today episode begins ramona hugs his daughter. At that time kareena watches both ramona and her daughter and think herself why she hugs preeta. After that kareena said to herself ramona is great humanbeing because she forgives preeta, If iam ramona position i can’t forgive preeta.

Later ramona holds mic and announced both karan and preeta dance together. Then karan, mahira start the dance. All are think both karan and preeta performing good dance at their reception party. Sherlyn, Kareena feels jealous to seen dance performance. While performing the dance mahira touched karan cheek. Karan said don’t do the preeta. Suddenly mahira said i’am not preeta.

Karan shocked once listen mahira voice. Mahira leaves the party and running towards upstairs. Then kareen said to karan family members i know preeta did like this that’s why i said to you don’t do this party. Sarala think herself why preeta did this infrant of karan, why karan follow her.

After that karan went to upstairs, asking to mahira why did this. Mahira said it’s out reception party. Karan said to mahira are you mad. Mahira crying and said to karan about preeta, said to him i am your wife, Mahira asking to karan do you like me when i am wearing veil.

Later mahira asking to karan do you marry me. Karan says yes but it’s not correct time. Sherlyn come out side feels tensed because what happen at reception and think herself at any cost stop the preeta, prithvi marriage, start the car.

But suddenly rishab come down and asking to his wife where are you going. Sherlyn says trying to park the car. For more updates on Kundali Bhagya follow zeal study