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Kundali Bhagya 6 January 2021 Written Update: Preeta seen akshay with another women

Kundali Bhagya 6 January 2021 Written Update: Kritika, Preeta comes to shopping mall where akshay is their. Other end akshay speak to phone and informed where he his. Preeta comes to kritika and said to her come with me i will shown latest collections of sarees. Kritika and Preeta check latest models akshay seen them and hide himself. After that kritika comes to change room to check how sareers is. At that time akshay seen her, kritika identified someone seen her, comes to where akshay is their. But suddenly preeta comes to her and given another model of saree, Kritika says nice. At that time akash phone rings and shop helper comes to preeta and given her phone and preeta smiles and said to her my phone forgot.

After that kritika try sareers, preeta check new models. Then akshay comes to buy dress for ruchi and preeta seen him in mirror. When she turn backside akshay hide himself, preeta think herslef i think akshay plan surprise for kritika. Other end srishti comes to shopping mall and akshay hits and running from her. Srishti shouts but can’t recognized him. Preeta comes to srishti and asking what are you doing here. Srishti says kritika invites me here.

Later kritika asking to shop helper please call me preeta. At that time akshay comes near to change rooms and grabs what preeta selected dress for kritika. Shop helper running to catch akshay, preeta asking to her what happen. Then she said your selected dress taken another person. Preeta seen same dress on akshay hands then she thinks akshay buy for kritika. After that ruchi comes to shopping mall, akshay hugs her. Preeta seen them and think herself who is she and follows him.

After that akshay informed to ruchika preeta follow us so you have to leave me from here. Preeta seen ruchika when she running and follow them. Both akshay and ruchika went to hotel room, preeta comes to same hotel and asking to receptionist about akshay. But receptionist said there is no akshay. Preeta doubts on receptionist and kritka phone to preeta and asking to her where are you and preeta says lie.

Later preeta seen ruchika come outside, akshay hugs her. At that time akshay seen preeta and distracted her when she speaks with ruchika. Other end sherlyn comes to preeta and asking her what are you doing.

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