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Kundali Bhagya 5 November 2020 Written Update: Mahira return to luthra house

Kundali Bhagya 5 November 2020 Written Update for Episode 819. Zee TV released the upcoming episode promo. According to the promo karan asking to the preeta mahira at home i will check her once again. Preeta shocked to listen karan words and asking to him mahira at in this house and what she doing in this luthra house.

Karan said mahira return to home. Then rakhi asking to the mahira how you returned to luthra house. Karina, sherlyn seen each other when rakhi asking question to mahira. Later rakhi says your not a daughter-in-law of luthra family.

Other end preeta informed to karan at any cost must asking mahira to leave luthra house other wise we are all facing huge problems, my heart saying to me it’s not correct. But karan can’t say anything to his wife when preeta asking questions to him.

In previous episode daadi, karan promised to mahira must taken with us to luthra house. But rishab can’t accepted her decision. Later both sherlyn, karina convinced karan to taken mahira to the luthra house and karan says yes.

Kundali Bhaya 5 Nov 2020

Mahira, karan and his sister come outside. At that time mahira holds karan sister hands and said to her iam not feeling well that’s why iam sit with karan at front sit. Other end both srishti, sameer stand in front of doctors room looking for doctor. Later srishti meets doctor and asking to doctor what happen to mahira. Doctor says nothing worried she is alright.

After that karan, mahira and other family members reached the home. Mahira says iam fell well now. Mahira think about preeta, Sherlyn comes to mahira and asking to her what happen to you. Mahira crying and said how iam entered the house and asking to karina you wanted i will becomes karan wife but rakhi aunty asking me to leave the house.

Later mahira said because of you iam comes to your home but you asking me to leave the house. Daadi asking to mahira please come in side. After that karan entered his room and said thanks to preeta because she supoorted him at hospital. Later karan informed to preeta mahira at this home. Preeta asking to him what mahira done here.

Rakhi said to mahira how we welcomes you because your not my dauther-in-law. But karina asking to sherlyn prepared for harat. Rakhi asking to her aunt please come with me i will speak with you .

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