Kundali Bhagya 4 September 2020 Written Update Episode 772 Zee Hindi

Kundali Bhagya 4 September 2020 Written Update Hindi Serial spoiler begin with preeta speaks with karan. Karan said chotay sa nafrat hai. Then preeta says agar jhut se itni nafrat hai tho tumhi kyo sach bol deta hai & us din sehri ki aat may tunay muje shadi ki thi ya nahi. When end of the preeta speech karan, kareena and mahira, sherlyn stunned and can’t speak few seconds. Later preeta asking to karan ya phir yo sehra juta tha, vo raat juti thi, vo shadi juti thi. To know complete Episode 772 written story which is stream on Zee5 Premium follow zeal study and subscribe Zee5 Premium

Kundali Bhagya 4 September 2020 Written Update Episode

Previous Episode heat discussions happen between preeta and karan, Preeta introduced luthtra family members to NGO members and Prithvi created nonsense at sarala home and said about karan what he did for karan how he blamed preeta after married 1st time then srishti recognized prithvi in drunk & ask him to leave the house then she said preeta went to luthra house.

To know the what happen to preeta i.e karan accepted preeta to stay at luthra house and what kareena, mahira, sherlyn, dadi plans next follow this page. Updated full story shortly.

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Kundali Bhagya 4 Sep 2020 Ka Episode

NGO members asking to preeta who is she (Mahira). Preeta says she is my husbands girl friend. At that time karan asking to preeta please mind your tongue. NGO member says Oh My God Karan you supporting your girl friend. Rishab says yes. After that NGO member asking to Rishab is it right what preeta says. Later rishab agreed and replay yes it’s right.

After that sherlyn said to NGO members preeta is best friend of my husband. At that time karan informed her iam the only best friend of rishab. NGO member asking to rakhi when your son asking to preeta leave the house why don’t you stop him. Then karan said to NGO members i don’t given explanations and asking to preeta please leave the home and call to police. Other end rakhi think herself why preeta did in front of NGO members

After that sarala asking to prithvi please leave the house, Prithvi went to luthra house. Once prithvi reach the luthra house sherlyn seen him and went outside to meet him