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Kundali Bhagya 3 November 2020 Written Update: Karina angry on preeta

Last updated on 3rd November 2020

Kundali Bhagya 3 November 2020 Written Update for Episode 817. In today released episode promo finally available with huge twist. In this spoiler Karina angry on preeta and said to her you listen what lawyer said about karan i.e karan went to jail. If anything happen to my son karan luthra i will can’t excuses you preeta arora, Preeta shocked.

After that ramona said to her daughter mahira i will closed the doors for you so you can’t return to my home. Mahira crying, Rishab holds sherlyn hands and prithvi seen him. Later prithvi comes to rishab asking to him please leave her hands. Rishab can’t understand prthvi (doctor) why said like this, promo ends.

In previous episode preeta doubt on mahira, said to her sister and sameer keep eye on doctor. After that prithvi reached the hospital and turned as a doctor went to mahira room. Other end preeta asking to karan, rishab what lawyer said. For more updates follow

Kundaili Bhagya 3 Nov 2020

Karina said to preeta rakhi bhabi loves you because of that she asking to leave mahira from lutra house. Daadi, ramona crying and karina said because of that mahira commit suicide, karan went to jail. At that time doctor said mahira gets conscious.

Ramona said to police no one from luthra family can not meet my daughter. Police accepted what ramona said. Later sherlyn gets leg pain, rishab asking to doctor (prithvi) let’s give medicine. At that time rishab sister comes to rishab and said mahira gets consious.

Rishab leaves thesherlyn and ramona, daadi, karina meets mahira. Later mahira asking to her mom what inspector doing her. Police asking to mahira why you commit suicided. Ramona asking to mahira please tell me eveything to police. Mahira said to police my mom what you saying is not true. Ramona angry on mahira.

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