Kundali Bhagya 28 October 2020 Written Update: Preeta given counter to sherlyn

Kundali Bhagya 28 October 2020 Written Update begins with preeta. Preeta comes to mahesh room and said to him get well soon papa. Rakhi listen preeta words and starts crying, preeta said thanks to rakhi. Then rakhi says what iam done because of luthra family only, asking to preeta please made some sweet. Preeta smiles and went to kitchen.

Then rakhi speaks with mahesh and said preeta is good girl and says you get well soon mahesh ji, leaves the room. Karan comes to kitchen again fight with preeta. After that karan hugs preeta & preeta silently stands. After that karan leaves the kitchen, sherlyn listen what karan, preeta speaks. Once karan leaves the kitchen sherlyn entered the kitchen.

Then sherlyn says to preeta you must learn how to behaves with elders. Preeta says who’s elder, sherlyn said don’t given lecturers to me because i am elder then you, every one in the family trusted me. Preeta says you cheated everyone in the family, remembered sherlyn pregnancy info. Then sherlyn angry on preeta.

After that rakhi comes to mahesh mom room. Then rakhi seen her sister nimmi, Later karan joins with daadi, rakhi, nimmi. At that time daadi says i am the first girl friend of karan all smiles. After that nimmi asking to rakhi let’s we meet daughter-in-law. Other end srishti angry on sameer, sarala listen srishti words. Srishi shocked to seen her mom.

Both sherlyn, preeta exchang the words at kitchen. Preeta said to sherlyn about mahira at that time nimmi, rakhi comes to kitchen. Rakhi introduced both daughter-in-law. Nimmi said ro rakhi your daughter-in-law’s to good. At that time karan gets phone call. Both sherlyn, preeta leaves the kitchen. Later nimmim says to her sister preeta is good girls, karan listen nimmi words and smiles. For more updates कुंडली भाग्य 28 अक्टूबर 2020 Follow zeal study portal.

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