Kundali Bhagya 28 August 2021 Written Update For Spoiler/ Upcoming Story

Kundali Bhagya 28 August 2021 Written Update Zee5 Hindi Serial Episode Spoiler/ Upcoming Story. In upcoming episode sarala, srishti sit together in their rooms. At that time sarala speaking with her younger daughter srishti i know from karan preeta fertility issues and karan supported preeta when know she not become a mother.

When speaking with srishti her mother starts crying. After that both karan and preeta visited hospital. At that time preeta said to her husband if we get the reports. Suddenly karan interrupts preeta words if you get the reports did you informed to family members. When karan speaking with preeta she is in dilemma, karan asking her wife please promise me.

After that karan said to preeta don’t informing to family members regarding reports till i would informed to the family members. Then preeta agreed for karan words and leave from hospital. But they don’t know sherlyn listen their conversation. To know what happen in next episode stay tune with zeal study web portal.