Kundali Bhagya 27 October 2021 Written Update: Preeta, Rakhi, Sameer Plans Against Prithvi

Kundali Bhagya 27 October 2021 Written Update Zee5 Hindi Serial. Rakhi, Preeta speaking together. At that time rakhi daughter-in-law (preeta) informed to her aunty (rakhi) this time prithvi think so much because he try to know which is the weak link in this case. Once listen preeta words rakhi taken some time and think herself and suggested sandeep name to preeta.¬†At home prithvi think himself this game weak link i.e sandeep now stay alone at hospital. Other end preeta said to rakhi pappa stay with sandeep and asking to rakhi but prithvi doesn’t know this matter.

After that prithvi finally reaches the hospital and move to sandeep room. At that time sandeep sleep unconscious mode and doesn’t recognized prithvi presence in the room. Once prithvi reached sandeep hospital room and recognized sandeep in unconscious mode and holds the pillow and think himself try to kill sandeep. To know what is the prithvi plan and prithvi kill sandeep or not, Rakhi and Preeta, Sameer apply their plan on prithvi or not follow zeal study web portal.

In previous episode Sherlyn comes to jail to meet her husband rishab. Once sherlyn meet rishab given homemade food to him and try to convince him that she does not have an affair with prithvi. Meanwhile, Preeta preeta tells rakhi how prithvi has paid sandeep to frame rishabh. A furious rakhi decides to confront prithvi, but preeta stops her. Later, Preeta talks to rakhi about weakest link in rishab case.